Individual Therapy

Finding your authentic self through personal exploration

The reasons people seek therapy are as unique as the people themselves. Maybe you are afraid of being judged if you open up about your pain. Perhaps you are worried about “being a burden” to others by telling them what you are going through. Or, maybe you don’t have anyone in your life that you really trust enough to share your story. I’m here to tell you: you don’t have to walk through your struggles alone. You can be confident that you will be provided a safe, nonjudgmental, confidential space in which you can explore your true thoughts and feelings and be treated with empathy, compassion, and genuine feedback. You and I will collaboratively work together to help you get the results you want and the peace you are longing for. My hope is that you will walk away from our work together feeling safe and empowered to be your authentic self in your every day life.

Issues that I work with include, but are not limited to, the following: depression, anxiety, social anxiety, trauma, PTSD, relationship issues, infidelity, multiculturalism/diversity, identity development, sexuality, gender issues, infertility, wellness, spirituality, and resilience.

Group Therapy

Healing through relationships   with others

Group therapy can be a powerful place to heal and grow as you learn to better understand yourself and others. In my experiences as a psychologist, I have witnessed some of the most dramatic changes and decreases in symptoms as clients begin to connect with others, finding the common bonds shared through various struggles. Group therapy offers a safe place to give and receive feedback while learning from each other’s unique lived experiences and perspectives. Groups are especially beneficial to individuals with social anxiety and for people who feel isolated and alone in their struggles.

If you are interested in attending group therapy, please call or email me to discuss this further. Groups are formed based on what would be most beneficial to interested clients. Groups I have led in the past include stress management, anger management, understanding self and others (interpersonal process group), sexual identity exploration, and an interpersonal process jogging therapy group. I also specialize in leading groups for veterans.


Clinical Supervision

Integrating your personal and professional identities to become a genuine clinician

Clinical supervision is a crucial element in the process of becoming a licensed mental health professional. I provide clinical supervision to LPC Interns as well as individuals seeking their post-doctoral supervision to become licensed psychologists. Choosing a supervisor is an important part of your professional development. I am dedicated to helping early career professionals become competent, ethical licensed practitioners. I use a relational, developmental approach to supervision to help empower you to function more confidently and autonomously.

If you are looking for a supervisor to help you integrate your personal and professional growth and development, let’s chat further to discuss the possibility of us working together.


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